Hello, my name is Phillip Bury.
I'm a freelance web developer.

V i e w   m y   w o r k


Greetings, I'm Phillip, a seasoned web developer with a journey that began in 2013, focusing initially on front-end technologies and expanding to encompass back-end proficiency since 2019. I take pride in being a full-stack web developer, well-versed in navigating the intricacies of both client-side and server-side development.

My commitment to web development is underpinned by meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of client requirements. Over the years, I've evolved into a comprehensive full-stack professional, seamlessly integrating diverse technologies to deliver robust and user-friendly websites.

I consider myself more than just a coder; I am a dedicated architect of digital solutions. Collaboration is at the core of my approach, working closely with clients to understand their aspirations and shape them into functional, aesthetically pleasing digital assets.

In the ever-evolving landscape of web technologies, I bring a wealth of experience and a creative mindset to every project. Beyond writing code, I focus on the strategic synthesis of design and functionality to ensure that the end product not only meets but exceeds expectations.

As we embark on this professional journey together, I look forward to leveraging my technical expertise and collaborative approach to transform your digital aspirations into a compelling and effective online presence.






















U-Stencil, a leading stencil company established in 2011, recently underwent a comprehensive website redesign which I spearheaded.

Using a custom theme and bespoke plugins, I tailored dynamic features to perfectly align with the client's needs. A key enhancement was integrating WooCommerce with MailChimp to launch the company's first newsletter subscription, achieving a remarkable average open rate of over 40%, significantly surpassing industry standards.

Additionally, I revamped the WooCommerce editor page to streamline the process of adding product details, crucial for managing an inventory of approximately 2,000 products. This included automating the display of generic product descriptions based on product type, vastly improving efficiency and saving valuable time.


My API coding project utilizes the New York Times' APIs to fetch live data, creating a dynamic replica of the NY Times front page.

The goal was to showcase my coding and web development skills by developing a site that mirrors the appearance and functionality of the NY Times, but with real-time content updates. By leveraging a NY Times Developer account, I implemented my own coding solutions to seamlessly integrate various APIs, ensuring that the content remains current and engaging.

This project demonstrates my ability to work with APIs, handle live data, and design responsive web pages that closely mimic professional news outlets.


I developed an API coding project utilizing NASA's APIs to fetch the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) for today, along with the preceding eight days.

The project leverages NASA's rich data repository to retrieve not only the images but also detailed descriptions and associated metadata for each day. This includes information such as the title, date, and explanation of the celestial phenomena or scientific significance depicted.

By calling these APIs, the project dynamically gathers and displays a curated gallery of astronomical visuals and their contextual narratives, offering users an informative and visually engaging experience. The implementation underscores the power of NASA's APIs in making space science accessible and exciting to the public.